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  • Dusk Hunter

    Added a personal piece, a watercolour painting of a Dusk Hunter. She’ll be available for ‘adoption’ soon, so if you’re interested let me know and I’ll make sure you know when and where that will be! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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2x3_fc_spec-la-amistad_151215_3_bc kitsune-designs trainer elauriel-front elauriel_clothes rocks-and-shell allyn

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deertaur miara-familiar group ratp2 ranp2 miap2 ibnp2

derp2 delp2 logo-bw-w-paint sitting-saluki Anamara Kali crouching My aunt's dog, Sophie

LD LD skele-overlay2 Skeletal Drawing, Female skele-overlay3Skeletal Drawing, Male Black and White Charcoal Skull Study

Watercolour from Life Drawing class; with Drew Tucker Fennel Urzabeth Dusk Franklin Moonlight Midterm "Nightsongs"

Gift Art Franklin Levana Tohl Gift Art Gift art Ain Porcelain

Quintessence Lines Moonsong OC Gift Art Eyrie Howlingmoon Talos Iolite bust

Druid: Lionform, Portrait Druid: Lionform Ash Urzabeth 25-2-15 wildspeaker levana

Purple-bordered artworks are commissioned, and belong to their respective owners. Prints of these works are not available for sale.
Red-bordered artwork was made by referencing ‘Bewildered‘ with TwiggXstock‘s permission. Prints of this artwork are not available for sale.
Blue-bordered artwork was made in conjunction with Drew Tucker.