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New Layout & Commissions are Open!

As you can see I’ve tidied up the site a little bit, and rather than relying on my own rough coding skills I’ve gone with a lovely theme called Vines & Lace. If you spot any issues please let me know; screenshots are helpful in such instances.

In other awesome news, I am 100% open for commissions again. I’m selling custom works through my Etsy shop, so if you have something in mind to get drawn head on over and send me a message.

Commission Changes

Hello friends!

After a recent issue with an error on PayPal’s part that they refuse to fix, I’ve been forced to close my account of 11 years with them. I will begin using Etsy for my commissioned works – ideally, you’ll be able to buy the ‘style’ of product you want once we’ve come to an agreement on what it is you’re looking for, and what I can provide.

I’ll post another announcement here when commissions are again available, and I’m sorry for the further delay – between health issues in the family and similar fun things I’ve been unable to take commissions as soon as I’d like.

Inkwashes & Digital Sketches!

Inktober was fun, even though I didn’t manage to get as much done as I’d wanted to. I’m really pleased with how several pieces turned out, so I’ve uploaded a few here! I hope your month was a good one. :)

Lunar Devil

The first full watercolour piece of my new sketch book; I really enjoy how this turned out. I think I’m going to experiment a bit more with similarly limited palettes.


This guy has been plaguing me for a while — his colour scheme, his overall appearance, how I would render such things… But I’m really pleased with how this came out. :D

Watercolour Dragon

I decided to give the Adolescent Dragon lines a go with my new watercolours; while the original will be a gift for my mom (love you!) I will be selling prints on my Etsy store.

Adolescent Dragon

A mix-breed dragon from a setting my husband and I have been working on for several years. This guy has been my hobby over the past ten or so days; those scales make my hand feel awful — especially the tiny ones on the tail! XD It was fun, though.


Just a quick update of a few watercolour pieces I’ve done; all of these are available as prints and some of the originals are available as well!