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Welcome to my Portfolio

This website is meant to house and showcase the artwork I do, both for myself and as an illustrator and graphics designer.

To the right you'll find a selection of my most recent works; in general things at the top left are likely the newest. Sketches, completed drawings and even design brainstormings are likely to be found over there.

Where it says Information is a good place to go if you're curious about my commission and design rates. It's also where you can find images to use if you'd like to link to me, as well as my email address so you can get in touch.

- Brandi


Commission Changes

posted by lunarius

Hello friends!

After a recent issue with an error on PayPal’s part that they refuse to fix, I’ve been forced to close my account of 11 years with them. I will begin using Etsy for my commissioned works – ideally, you’ll be able to buy the ‘style’ of product you want once we’ve come to an agreement on what it is you’re looking for, and what I can provide.

I’ll post another announcement here when commissions are again available, and I’m sorry for the further delay – between health issues in the family and similar fun things I’ve been unable to take commissions as soon as I’d like.

Fallen Portrait

posted by lunarius

A quick sketch & digital painting of a character concept. Thanks for visiting!

Inkwashes & Digital Sketches!

posted by lunarius

Inktober was fun, even though I didn’t manage to get as much done as I’d wanted to. I’m really pleased with how several pieces turned out, so I’ve uploaded a few here! I hope your month was a good one. :)

Lunar Devil

posted by lunarius

The first full watercolour piece of my new sketch book; I really enjoy how this turned out. I think I’m going to experiment a bit more with similarly limited palettes.

Watercolour Rose

posted by lunarius

I’ve painted a few flowers before but never a rose, so I think this one came out pretty okay! :D


posted by lunarius

This guy has been plaguing me for a while — his colour scheme, his overall appearance, how I would render such things… But I’m really pleased with how this came out. :D

Watercolour Dragon

posted by lunarius

I decided to give the Adolescent Dragon lines a go with my new watercolours; while the original will be a gift for my mom (love you!) I will be selling prints on my Etsy store.

Adolescent Dragon

posted by lunarius

A mix-breed dragon from a setting my husband and I have been working on for several years. This guy has been my hobby over the past ten or so days; those scales make my hand feel awful — especially the tiny ones on the tail! XD It was fun, though.


posted by lunarius

Just a quick update of a few watercolour pieces I’ve done; all of these are available as prints and some of the originals are available as well!

11-4-15 Update!

posted by lunarius

I added a new piece commissioned by the awesome Stringduo over on Tumblr; it was a really fun piece to work on and Stringduo was a real pleasure to work with! I’ve got another commission presently in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for the next update. :)

Green-bordered artwork depicts properties that I claim no rights to; ie, fanart. Prints of these works are not available for sale.
Purple-bordered artworks are commissioned, and belong to their respective owners. Prints of these works are not available for sale.
Red-bordered artwork was made by referencing ‘Bewildered‘ with TwiggXstock‘s permission. Prints of this artwork are not available for sale.
Blue-bordered artwork was made in conjunction with Drew Tucker.

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